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River Basin Commission Weser (RBC Weser)
  River Basin Management Sustainable River Basin Management demands a basin wide cooperation, because rivers form ecological units with their catchments. Pressures and water uses can have an impact on the water quality across the border. Therefore, in the River Basin Commission Weser all seven federal states (Laender), which have a share of the Werra, Fulda, Weser and Jade catchment areas and their tributaries, have joined: Bavaria, Bremen, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia

Main task is the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and Flood Directive.

In 2003, the RBC Weser has emerged from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Reinhaltung der Weser (ARGE Weser; Working
group Weser for water pollution prevention) which was founded in 1964.

In the head office of the River Basin Commission Weser the common tasks are coordinated.



+ + + The river basin management plan and the program of measures for the river basin district Weser 2009 (in German)+ + +

+ + + Modelling Project AGRUM Weser + + +




River Basin District Weser

An der Scharlake 39
+49 5121 509712


current Weser water quality data (in German)